Flexible Working

Flexible Working Done The Right Way.
The flexible work app Limber is designed to do one thing – help you lead a happy, varied and balanced work-life.

Mix things up and never live the same week
Whether it’s topping up your income and learning new skills or expanding your network – there’s hundreds of reasons to start working flexibly.

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How it works
Using limber is a breeze, here’s how it works.

Enjoy total flexibility
You can apply for as many or as few shifts as you like – choose from KP to Cheffing and from glass collecting to cocktail making. There are no minimum commitments – just set your availability to turn off notifications when you don’t want to work.
Get paid weekly
You get paid weekly on limber, can earn into a pension and can earn tips and bonuses via the app too. No one earn less than minimum wage, and you also get holiday pay.

Be part of a team
Limber revolves around our teams ‘pre approval’. If you meet hirers you like and they like you, you’ll get added to their team and you can automatically pick up shifts. That means you get flexibility combined with the security of being able to pick up hours at your favourite locations.